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Health & Safety
Promoting a positive environment

We also design the rewards for the kids such that they feel encouraged and motivated to behave in a disciplined way.

  • We offer a kid's gym for physical exercises, various learning aids for eye-hand coordination.
  • Simple tools in meditation starting from maintaining silence for a certain time.
  • A child psychologist will be available on need basis.
  • Sprouts also has an infirmary on campus and association with a nearby child specialist for Bi-annual health check-up camps.
  • The physical environment at Sprouts would also necessarily be disinfected, hygienic and clean.
  • We have avoided using or having any sharp objects in building fittings and fixtures.
  • The lighting would also be soft and cool.
  • Special air-conditioning is used that keeps microbes away. At the same time, the temperature in the classroom is maintained at not less than 25 degree Celsius.


Nurseries and Preschoolsl
Bhopal preschools

Parents as partners

What is the role of my Mommy and Daddy in learning?

Sprouts welcomes Parents, who are committed to their child's education and actively participate in school's learning process is a sine-qua-non of early childhood education. It is imperative to have the support of the parents. Their backing and support in our pedagogy will go a long way in making the academic program enjoyable and hassle free.

  • Sprouts have regular Parents Orientation Programs
  • Sprouts provides parent's handbook to the parents to keep them Updated about the school activities.