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Parent's Feedback


K. Anandhan.

It was great experience with Sprouts for the 3.5 years. The infrastructure is so superb as a play school. The teachers are so nice and great guides to children. Anish will really miss,"Sprouts". Thanks for everything that you did for Anish, he got admission in good school in Hyedrabad.

Ranjit Ashtekar(Mahi Ashtekar)

It has been very good for my daughter; she did learn a lot of things at Sprouts. Kids are being given opportunity to learn various things be it sport, dance, studies, everything. My daughter enjoyed studying here a lot . Will miss the school, all the staff. Wish you the best for future.

Neelam Mukherjee(Himani Mukherjee)

Its really a great experience we have with Sprouts. My child has very much attached with this school. With study she get disciplined & caring atmosphere. Thank you all the teachers & Principal. Life was tough for Himani, she struggled with the disease but after that we get so much co-operation & caring. Thank you all We miss Sprouts.

Akhilesh Singh Rajput(Aarni / Aarav Singh Rajput)

Very good school for the new kids, amazing teacher who are always a support. Taking TC only because I got transferred to Indore.. Fantastic staff and good atmosphere for kids.

Seby Stanley(Ishta Seby)

Sprouts was the best thing that has happened to Ishta. In the last few years she has transformed completely. The school has helped a lot in learning languages, communicating reasoning etc., A big thanks to all the teachers and staff for making her feel at home.