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Pedagogy & Learning
What all is your kid going to learn?

The Pedagogy for SPROUTS is based on play way methods, which is essentially about learning through imitation and handling of various natural materials like natural fiber, clay, wood pieces, etc. Our innovative approach focuses on understanding the feel of everything and improve the power of observation. The feel of plants, the warmth of sun brings calmness amongst the little angels who get ready to focus on the classroom instructions. In the classroom, individual attention is given to each and every kid so they feel involved in the learning process of the class.


Nurseries and Preschools

Well-trained faculty and student-teacher ratio of 25:3

Sprouts Preschool

The basic guidance techniques that the teachers at Sprouts strive to follow are:

  • Tell children what to do instead of what not to do.
  • Protect and preserve children’s feelings of being lovable and capable.
  • Change the environment instead of children’s behavior.
  • Give children safe limits they can understand.
  • Set a good example.

We also design the rewards for the kids such that they feel encouraged and motivated to behave in a disciplined way.